January 7, 2022

CSDE Seminar Series

Panel: COVID and Intimate Partner Violence: Insights from Research and Practice

This week CSDE will host a panel discussion moderated by Ali Rowhani-Rahbar (UW Epidemiology) and featuring panelists Avanti Adhia (UW Pediatrics), Lindsey Bullinger (Georgia Tech School of Public Policy), and David D. Martin (King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office). The panelists will discuss intimate partner violence during the pandemic from a number of perspectives.

You can register for the seminar HERE, and check out all the upcoming topics and register for future seminars on our website.

This seminar is co-sponsored with the Population Health Initiative.

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CSDE Research & Highlights

New Paper from Petros, Fredrikson-Goldsen, and Teri

CSDE Affiliates Ryan Petros and Karen Fredrikson-Goldsen, along with their colleague Linda Teri recently published a new article in Innovation in Aging. Their paper describes the unique contributions of Motivational Interviewing that resulted in culturally relevant adaptations to a leading evidence-based practices for dementia and culminated in an efficacious intervention (Aging with Pride: IDEA) that is compatible with self-determination theory, designed for individuals and care providers in the LGBTQ community affected by dementia, and adapted for online delivery during the COVID pandemic.

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Martin and Colleagues Publish New Findings on COVID-19 Transmission and Breastfeeding

CSDE Affiliate Melanie Martin and a team of co-authors recently published a study of women diagnosed with COVID-19. The researchers use longitudinal samples of breast milk from COVID patients to identify whether the virus is transmissible from breastfeeding. Milk produced by women with COVID-19 does not contain SARS-CoV-2 and is likely a lasting source of passive immunity via anti-RBD IgA. These results support recommendations encouraging lactating women to continue breastfeeding during and after COVID-19 illness.

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Dunbar and Co-Authors Publish New Paper Linking Environment and Aging

CSDE Science Lead Matt Dunbar recently published a new paper in Innovations in Aging along with colleagues from UW and University of Arizona. Using the companion dog, which serves as a powerful comparative model for human health and aging due to our shared biology and environment, the authors examine which components of the social environment impact health, and how the effects vary with age, in dogs.

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Matt Dunbar

Updates from the CSDE Research & Training Cores

UW Series on Homelessness

Through the leadership of CSDE Affiliate Amy Hagopian, the Center for Health Innovation and Policy Science (CHIPS) is hosting a series of four seminars focused on approaches to addressing homelessness with research insights and lessons learned. CSDE is co-sponsoring the seminar series. The first seminar on January 19 will focus on UW’s Tent City 3 experiences. On February 16 the seminar will focus on harm reduction solutions through meeting people where they are Seattle. The focus of the third seminar on April 20 will be UW undergraduate alum Graham Pruss’ innovative insights on vehicular residencies. Finally, the fourth seminar on May 18 will focus on homelessness and refusal politics.  Please join the seminars via zoom and stay posted on the in-person meeting location via the QR code shown here.

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Grant Reminders & Opportunities, Early 2022
As we begin the new year, a reminder that the significant changes to the NIH biosketch and Other Support pages are effective January 25th. Other support pages will require your electronic signature. Most departments have an authorized DocuSign user to navigate the process; if you need help, CSDE staff members are trained and ready to assist.

Upcoming deadlines! If you anticipate submitting a proposal through CSDE in the next few months, please complete our Planning Proposal Submission Form and we will assist you with your application. 

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Population Health Initiative Re-Launches Pilot Grant Program

The Population Health Initiative has relaunched its interdisciplinary pilot grant program with expanded granting capacity in 2022 and 2023. The relaunched program now features three different tiers of grants with varying foci and awards ranging in size from $25,000 to $200,000.

CSDE is happy to provide a letter of support indicating matching support for you application. Please contact Steve Goodreau with a request for that matching support (goodreau@uw.edu). 

  • Matching support can include, but is not limited to: staff support for program coordination for your project, outside expert consultations (travel and honoraria), a population research planning grant (RGPG), one or more consultants' time dedicated to your project provided by CSDE scientific staff, the purchase of data sets, secure server and computing support, and other resources.  

As always, if CSDE's teams can be of additional help with your research planning or an application, please let us know. You can submit your interest and plans to the proposal planning form or contact Steve Goodreau with a request for advice (goodreau@uw.edu).

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CSDE Early Career Grant Working Group – consider joining!

Are you an early-career (pre-promotion) faculty member or post-doc who is thinking about writing a grant?  Perhaps you're just beginning to ponder the idea but don't know where to start - or maybe you're already experienced and still need some information, ideas, or moral support. If so, then you should join CSDE's Early Career Grant Working Group! We meet monthly in a hybrid (in-person in Raitt Hall and on Zoom) on third Thursdays from 1:30-2:30. Please email Steve Goodreau (goodreau@uw.edu) to be added to the mailing list and event invitation.Please note: membership is focused on CSDE affiliates (any UW campus or external) who are in any kind of faculty position prior to their first major promotion (to associate or equivalent), as well as to post-docs or other early-career research scientists working directly with CSDE affiliates. If you have a question about your eligibility, please email Steve Goodreau (goodreau@uw.edu).

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Call for CSDE Proposals: Population Research Planning Grants

CSDE has funds available to provide a variety of forms of support for affiliates submitting grants from now through this summer. This might include funding for hiring an RA (quarterly or hourly), hosting or hiring consultants from inside or outside UW, hiring CSDE scientific staff, acquiring data sets, organizing a mini-workshop or writing retreat, or many other possibilities!  One key restriction, however, is that funds cannot be used for faculty salary support or course buyout.

Applications are rolling, and CSDE's core leadership will review proposals every two weeks until the funds are exhausted. Early applications are encouraged!

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