December 6, 2021

CSDE Seminar Series

CSDE Autumn 2021 Lighting Talks and Poster Session

     When:  Friday, Dec 10, 2021 (12:30-1:30 PM PT)
     Where:  Virtual on Zoom

Join us this Friday for CSDE’s Autumn 2021 Lightning Talks and Poster Session. Five graduate students from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, Geography, Health Metrics Sciences, and Sociology are eager to present their research discuss their work with you during poster presentations. The session will take place on Zoom. You are sure to learn something new from the these very interesting presentations, which will cover a wide range of key topics in population science. Our speakers this quarter are Elizabeth Nova (Sociology), Elizabeth Pelletier (Public Policy), Maitreyi Sahu (Health Metrics Sciences), Aja Sutton (Geography), and Ellyn Terry (Public Policy).

You can register for the Zoom seminar HERE.

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CSDE Research & Highlights

New Research on Racial Disparities of Monetary Sanctions Published by O'Neill, Kennedy, and Harris

Kate O'Neill, CSDE Trainee Ian Kennedy, and CSDE Affiliate Alexes Harris recently published a new article in Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. The paper explores neighborhood-level associations between and across monetary sanctions ("legal financial obligations" or LFOs), poverty, and racial and ethnic demographics. The authors find that LFOs are more burdensome in high-poverty communities and communities of color, and also that LFOs exacerbate multiple dimensions of inequality.

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New Study on Segregation Exposure and Residential Mobility by CSDE Trainee Alums Gabriel, Leibbrand, Hess, and Affiliate Crowder

CSDE Trainee Alums Ryan Gabriel, Christine Leibbrand, Chris Hess, and CSDE Affiliate and Executive Committee Member Kyle Crowder recently published a new article in Spatial Demography. The authors expand on the segregation literature by exploring the effects exposure to segregation in adolescence on mobility across neighborhoods as adults. The paper findings provide insight into the mechanisms that perpetuate Black-White stratification.

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 Nurius and Co-Authors' New Article Now Available on ArXiv

CSDE Affiliate Paula Nurius recently released new research in collaboration with a number of co-authors, "Examining Needs and Opportunities for Supporting Students Who Experience Discrimination." The authors identify experiences that exacerbate the effects of discrimination, patterns of effective coping, and offer an approach to intervention design in response to their findings.

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Rothschild, Guthrie, John-Stewart, Drake and Co-Authors Release Research on Contraceptive Methods in Kenya

CSDE Trainee Alum Claire Rothschild, along with CSDE Affiliates Allison Drake, Brandon Guthrie, Grace John-Stewart and several additional co-authors recently published an article evaluating the role of side effects in Kenyan women's decisions to switch or discontinue contraceptive methods. The authors find that some specific side effects more than others were linked to contraceptive discontinuation, suggesting that providing anticipatory counseling around contraceptive side effects and the development of new products that minimize these specific side effects would support contraceptive use among this population.

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Updates from the CSDE Research & Training Cores

Call for CSDE Proposals: Population Research Planning Grants

CSDE has funds available to provide a variety of forms of support for affiliates submitting grants from now through this summer. This might include funding for hiring an RA (quarterly or hourly), hosting or hiring consultants from inside or outside UW, hiring CSDE scientific staff, acquiring data sets, organizing a mini-workshop or writing retreat, or many other possibilities!  One key restriction, however, is that funds cannot be used for faculty salary support or course buyout.

Applications are rolling, and CSDE's core leadership will review proposals every two weeks until the funds are exhausted. Early applications are encouraged!

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Population Health Initiative Re-Launches Pilot Grant Program

The Population Health Initiative has relaunched its interdisciplinary pilot grant program with expanded granting capacity in 2022 and 2023. The relaunched program now features three different tiers of grants with varying foci and awards ranging in size from $25,000 to $200,000.

Information sessions for individuals interested in learning more about the relaunched pilot program will be held via Zoom on the following days and times:

CSDE is happy to provide a letter of support indicating matching support for you application. Please contact Steve Goodreau with a request for that matching support (goodreau@uw.edu). 

  • Matching support can include, but is not limited to: staff support for program coordination for your project, outside expert consultations (travel and honoraria), a population research planning grant (RGPG), one or more consultants' time dedicated to your project provided by CSDE scientific staff, the purchase of data sets, secure server and computing support, and other resources.  

As always, if CSDE's teams can be of additional help with your research planning or an application, please let us know. You can submit your interest and plans to the proposal planning form or contact Steve Goodreau with a request for advice (goodreau@uw.edu).

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Computational Demography Working Group Meeting: Final Meeting of the Quarter with presentation by Zack Almquist

     When:  Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021 (2:00-3:00 PM PT)
     Where:  Virtual on Zoom

This will be the final meeting of CDWG for this quarter. We will review speaker ideas for next quarter and the format of the working group. Zack Almquist , Department of Sociology at the University of Washington will present work on estimating demographics of people experiencing homelessness from egocentric network samples in Nashville, TN. Preliminary work on using these estimates to estimate statistical network models will be discussed. More information is available HERE

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