December 22, 2020

CSDE Seminar Series

Season’s Greetings from CSDE!

The end of 2020 is nigh upon us! At CSDE, we are looking forward to 2021 and want to wish all members of the CSDE community the very best wishes for good health and well-being! As always, as you clean up your desk, don’t forget to send csde@uw.edu your publications and grants news! It brings us great delight to highlight those announcements and share them with your colleagues.

Many thanks to Professor Maria Bleil for organizing next quarter’s seminar series. The winter quarter poster is now available. The opening quarter will kick off on January 8 with a talk by Professor Melanie Martin (UW Anthropology) about childbirth and infant health outcomes among an indigenous community in Argentina. Throughout the quarter we will hear about Seattle’s democracy voucher program (Jan. 15), understanding breast cancer as a complex system (Jan. 22), climate migration (Jan. 29), new methodologies in migrations and settlements research (Feb. 5), linking demographic data to administrative data (Feb. 12), partition theorem’s place in stable population theory (Feb. 19), estimating mortality using sampled network data (Feb. 26), race and ethnic population impacts of military enlistment and mass incarceration (Mar. 5), and trainees’ lightning talks and posters (Mar. 12).  Presenters include CSDE affiliates (Almquist, Arar, Catron, Curran, Grumbach, Hess, Long, Martin, Romich, and Williams) and visitors (Feehan, Heerwig, Hiatt, McCabe, Rao, Sykes). I leave it to you to map names to talks via a visit to our seminar series poster and page!

Also, CSDE’s workshops continue (with thanks to Christine Leibbrand for organizing them), covering the following topics: reproducible GIS analysis with R (Jan. 19), micronutrient malnutrition and population health biomarker measures (Feb. 4), introduction to survey data sources (NLSY, Fragile Families, PSID) (Feb. 24), and agent based modeling (Mar. 5).

At CSDE, we are very grateful for the support afforded by working at UW, which has carried us through this very trying year. In the spirit of giving back we would like to share with you the places that we care about and have sought to give our time and resources to support. If you’d like to join us, here are some of our ideas: (read more)

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CSDE Research & Highlights

Congratulations to the Best Poster Award Winners!

Congratulations to CSDE Trainees Ellyn Terry (Evans School of Public Policy and Governance) and Vedavati Patwardhan (Evans School of Public Policy and Governance) who received best poster awards during CSDE’s Trainees’ Lightning Talks and Poster Session (posters are available for viewing here). Terry presented “Is Diabetes Reducing the Potential Size of the Workforce?” and Patwardhan presented “Maternal Cash Transfers and Child Nutrition: Evidence from India”. Many thanks to the audience and expert reviewers (Arthur Acolin (Real Estate), Scott Allard (Evans School), Ruanne Barnabas (Epidemiology), Maria Bleil (Nursing), Kyle Crowder (Sociology), Melissa Knox (Economics), and Nathalie Williams (Sociology)) who assessed the quality of the posters and presentations using criteria based on the innovation, quality and appropriateness of research design and methodology, effectiveness in communicating the research, overall design and organization of the poster and effectiveness of visualizations. Keep an eye out for next quarter’s session scheduled for March 12! (read more)

Bostrom Receives Society for Risk Analysis 2020 Distinguished Educator Award!

Congratulations to CSDE Affiliate, Executive Committee Member, and PRA Chair, Professor Ann Bostrom, recipient of the Society for Risk Analysis 2020 Distinguished Educator Award. Bostrom was recognized by SRA for her outstanding contributions to training the next generation of risk analysts, communicators and managers. (read more)

Williams Appointed Associate Editor of International Migration Review

Congratulations to CSDE Affiliate, Executive Committee Member, and PRA Chair, Professor Nathalie Williams, who has been appointed Associate Editor of the International Migration Review (IMR). IMR is one of the leading journals of migration research and her appointment is an honor for, and a recognition of, Williams’ highly regarded research. (read more)

*NEW* Call for Proposals: WCPC Dissertation Fellowships

Applications are open for the 2020-21 West Coast Poverty Center Dissertation Research Fellowship competition. These one-quarter awards will support outstanding doctoral student dissertation research at the University of Washington on poverty, poverty-related issues, and anti-poverty policy in the U.S. during Summer (or Spring) 2021. UW doctoral candidates from any discipline may apply, but all applicants must be sponsored by a WCPC Faculty Affiliate. The sponsor does not need to be the applicant’s faculty advisor. Applications must be submitted by 10:00 am on January 12, 2021. (read more)

CSDE Affiliates Plan NOW for an NIH Population Dynamics Branch Research Application!
Calling all UW demographers, population scientists, and population health scientists. CSDE strongly encourages you to consider preparing applications (larger ones (R01) or smaller ones (R21/R03) or career awards (K’s) or conference grants (R13s) or small training workshops (R25)) to the Population Dynamics Branch! The Population Dynamics Branch has a broad social science mandate that includes research, data collection, and research training in demography, reproductive health, and population health.  Any research captured by CSDE’s Primary Research Areas is eligible, including: Population and Environment, Migrations and Settlements, Health of People and Populations, Demographic Methods and Measurements, Wellbeing of Families and Households. Upcoming due dates are the standard ones for NIH, which are primarily in early to mid February. The scientific review panels for PDB are comprised of social scientists, demographers, and reproductive health scientists. There are typically two panels where your research proposal will be sent, including SSPA and SSPB. Contact CSDE for more details about your applications. We’re happy to support your applications, including offering mock reviews! (read more)


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