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CSDE Research Affiliate

Danuta Kasprzyk

Research Professor Emeritus, Department of Child, Family and Population Health Nursing
UW Emeritus
Tel: 206-616-5113

    Danuta Kasprzyk is a Research Professor at the Department of Child, Family, and Population Health Nursing. She spent the first six years of her career on the faculty at the University of Washington, in the Department of Community Health Care Systems, in the School of Nursing. She then moved to Battelle and was a research scientist for over 20 years in the Centers for Public Health Research and Evaluation. Her research interests include psychology, public health, preventive and behavioral medicine, health psychology, evaluation of health education, and prevention programs. The primary driver in her research has been to determine what motivates behavior, so programs can be built to encourage healthy behaviors, whether via primary or secondary prevention. She co-developed the Integrated Behavioral Model and has used it extensively to predict and change behavior. Kasprzyk has had research experience in many communities in the US as well as in Africa. She has also been Principal Investigator on two community-based intervention trials (one focused on HIV prevention, and one on building resilience among families living with HIV) and a co-investigator on two male circumcision studies in Zimbabwe, one determining the factors affecting uptake, and one (currently being conducted) determining whether risk compensation occurs among men who get circumcised.