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CSDE Research Affiliate

David Huh

Assistant Research Professor, Indigenous Wellness Research Institute
University of Washington

In the News:

David Huh is a quantitative and clinical psychologist whose research focuses on advancing quantitative methodology in behavioral health intervention and health disparities research. His areas of research include alcohol use, chronic illness, suicide prevention, and culturally informed intervention with American Indian and Alaska Native communities and other underserved populations. An overarching goal of Dr. Huh’s research is making cutting-edge statistical methodology capable of more accurately evaluating health and social behavioral data more accessible to substantive researchers and non-statisticians. Dr. Huh is presently the Director of the Methods Division at the University of Washington (UW) Indigenous Wellness Institute and a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Washington. He received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the UW in 2012 and completed his psychology residency at the UW School of Medicine and his postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors. Dr. Huh’s recent research has focused on identifying the features of effective interventions for reducing problem alcohol use, particularly time-limited approaches appropriate for resource-limited settings. Towards that end, he is currently developing new statistical approaches for meta-analysis using individual participant data that can evaluate treatment effectiveness and pathways of change with greater accuracy than either traditional meta-analysis or single-study designs. A key emphasis of Dr. Huh’s program of research is increasing the accessibility of statistical approaches that can more powerfully and accurately assess behavioral health interventions and test theoretical models of health and health disparities.