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CSDE Research Affiliate

Laura Cowen

Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria
Tel: 250-721-6152

CSDE Research Areas:

  • Demographic Measurements and Methods
  • Health of People and Populations

    Laura Cowen's research involves the theory and applications of capture-recapture studies. It encompasses applied statistics, bayesian methods and applications, conservation ecology, ecological modeling, fisheries modelling, modeling, and statistical ecology. Capture-recapture is interdisciplinary by nature as it is primarily used in biology and fishery studies, however it also has applications in epidemiology. She also collaborates with other scientists (ecologists, fisheries scientists, and astrophysicists) in general to work on various scientific studies. Recently, Cowen has become the Principal Investigator for two COVID-19 research grants. One study assesses the risks of future COVID-19 outbreaks in British Columbia using mathematical and statistical modelling. The other study focuses on estimating the number of hidden COVID-19 cases.  Cowen is also Principal Investigator on a Collaborative Research Team grant funded by CANSSI looking to develop statistical methods that will integrate population data from multiple sources.