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CSDE Research Affiliate

Jing Xu

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Anthropology
University of Washington

CSDE Research Areas:

  • Wellbeing of Families and Households

In the News:

Jing Xu is currently an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington and a Wenner-Gren Foundation Hunt Postdoctoral Fellow. She received her Ph.D. in anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis and completed postdoctoral work in developmental psychology at the University of Washington. Her work uses interdisciplinary and mixed methods approaches to examine child development and family wellbeing in diverse populations and cultural contexts. As an anthropologist and a developmental scientist, her research covers various lifestages and populations spanning multiple geographic regions and historical periods, i.e., contemporary China, America and Europe, Cold-War era Taiwan. Her latest project is relevant to migration studies, examining differences in developmental patterns across migrant and non-migrant families in three countries (The Republic of Congo, the U.S., and the UK).