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CSDE Matching Support Application

submitted: 2024-04-01 05:42

Social sensors for slow-onset climate events in Washington State food systems: Laying the foundation through systems engineering and social science research

Marie Spiker - Epidemiology, University of Washington - Seattle

CSDE Affiliate Co-PI(s): Jennifer Otten

Non CSDE Affiliate Co-PI(S):

Sarah Collier, Christina Mastrangelo


Tier 2: up to $10000

Total funding request: $2,000.00

Grant Essentials

PRA Alignment: Environments and Populations and Health of People and Populations
Primary mechanism for this application: PHI Tier 1

Due date for primary mechanism:04/15/2024


Narrative w/ Budget: Application PDF Biosketch: Application PDF Application Materials: Application PDF

Applicant Comments

Hello! I’ve submitted the same PDF file for a few of the required file uploads; the attached PDF contains the entirety of the PHI Tier 1 application, and apologies for the duplication (and if more detail is needed on budget or project team bios beyond what’s in the PHI Tier 1 application, I’m happy to provide that.) In the field above, I wasn’t sure if Total Funding Requested is the amount being requested overall (PHI + matched funders) or from just CSDE; our requested match from CSDE is $2,000, for a total budget of $39,500. The rationale for $2,000 is that this amount could help us to get to a total budget that could support summer hourly doctoral students from 2 different schools/departments at 200 hours/each. I’m happy to provide additional details about the proposal, budget, etc. Thank you for considering this request!

Funding Decision

Response Letter:Application PDF