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CSDE Matching Support Application

submitted: 2024-01-02 01:03

Strategic Development for Healthier Cities: Building a Foundation to Explore the Street-level Effects of Physical Property Investment on Public Safety

Rebecca Walter - Real Estate, University of Washington - Seattle

CSDE Affiliate Co-PI(s): Ali Rowhani-Rahbar and Arthur Acolin

Non CSDE Affiliate Co-PI(S):

Megan Moore and Marie Tillyer


Total funding request: $10,000.00

Grant Essentials

PRA Alignment: Health of People and Populations and Wellbeing of Families and Households
Primary mechanism for this application: PHI Tier 2

Due date for primary mechanism:01/12/2024


Narrative w/ Budget: Application PDF Biosketch: Application PDF Application Materials: Application PDF

Applicant Comments

The LOI, not full application, is due by January 12. All external grants we plan to apply for related to this project will be through CSDE.

Funding Decision

Decision Date: 01/09/2024

Award Tier: Tier 2: up to $10000

Funded Amount: $10,000.00

Response Letter:Application PDF