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CSDE Matching Support Application

submitted: 2023-04-20 08:51

A Qualitative Examination of Evictions Caused by Default Judgments in Washington State

Karin Martin - Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, University of Washington - Seattle

CSDE Affiliate Co-PI(s): Rachel Fyall

Non CSDE Affiliate Co-PI(S):

Will von Geldern, MPA; Will Beck, JD


Tier 3: up to $25000

Total funding request: $16,002.00

Grant Essentials

PRA Alignment: Health of People and Populations and Wellbeing of Families and Households
Primary mechanism for this application: PHI Tier 1

Due date for primary mechanism:04/14/2023


Narrative w/ Budget: Application PDF Biosketch: Application PDF Application Materials: Application PDF

Funding Decision

Decision Date: 05/18/2023

Award Tier: Not awarded

Response Letter:Application PDF

Addtional Response Notes:

Email from Steve Goodreau:

Hi Karin and Rachel,

The committee was gearing up to meet about your match proposal, but then I checked and saw that PHI had made their decisions early and the proposal was not awarded. That renders the discussion of a match moot, since those are always contingent on receiving the main award.

I can add that there had been some preliminary conversations among the team, and one theme was the fact that the proposal still read very much like it was predominantly Will’s dissertation project, with the longer-term research trajectory for the two of you being secondary. This was conveyed first and foremost by him being the Lead PI and the one named in the LOS. As we mentioned, our funding source doesn’t allow for us to support primarily student-led projects with these funds, which are meant to be reserved for faculty career development as the primary focus. I know that that wasn’t clear on the website, and we’ll make sure to add it.

If you are considering re-applying to PHI, and for a match, it’ll need to have a different flavor in that regard. It’s also best to submit to us at least 10 days before the PHI deadline, so we can be sure to make our decision and then you can include the approved match in your application to PHI, which they value highly in making their decisions.

I’m sorry we don’t have better news!