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A Case Study of Integrating Inclusion, Collaboration, and Equity for a Sustainable Seattle Region (Seattle University, 7/22/18)

Posted: 7/7/2018 (Local Events)

Description: The complex Green-Duwamish Watershed contains one of Seattle’s primary economic engines providing the region’s growth throughout the history of the City along with some of our nation’s most culturally and racially diverse communities. Significant population growth and climate change are challenging our region to adopt sustainable practices which requires the collaboration across government, business and community sectors.

Learn how challenges are being addressed through innovative programs which include diverse partnerships across all sectors, integration of environmental equity and inclusion for positive impacts. Panelist will speak on topics of collaboration, innovative community-based programs, partnering with multicultural businesses, collaborative partnerships to build a thriving, sustainable economy which is inclusive and protects the environment for the region’s communities.


Panelists include:

(1) Natural Resources Challenges and Solutions: Josh Baldi, DNR King County.

With complex challenges facing the county/region with growth, climate change, diverse demographics and how through collaboration they are addressing these challenges with innovative programs focused on sustainability, equity and inclusion. 

(2) Empowering Business Through Sustainability: Joycelyn Chui, ECOSS.

ECOSS educates and collaborates with businesses and communities of diversity to implement environmentally sustainable practices through their innovative programs.

(3) Developing Youth Leadership in Communities of Diversity: Paulina Lopez, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition’s Duwamish Youth Corp Program.

The Duwamish Youth Corps program focuses on providing underserved, at risk youth from the South Park area of Seattle a leadership development program which includes community activism, environmental education and career/work planning with a strong emphasis on environmental equity.

(4) The Business Case for Sustainability and Environmental Justicespeaker TBD

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Date: 07/22/2018

Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: Seattle University