Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Adhia Receives K99 Award from NICHD!

Posted: 7/19/2020 (CSDE Awards and CSDE Research)

Congratulations to CSDE Affiliate Dr. Avanti Adhia, a postdoctoral fellow at Harborview’s Injury Prevention and Research Center, who received a K99 Training and Research award from NICHD to study the effectiveness of intimate partner violence (IPV) laws in reducing the prevalence of adolescent IPV.  This study will provide the largest and most comprehensive evaluation of IPV legislation to date. Findings will provide critical data on the effectiveness of school IPV policies in preventing adolescent IPV and actionable evidence for policy makers and agencies responsible for carrying out IPV policy implementation. Dr. Adhia wrote the first draft of her K99 during CSDE’s Grant Writing Summer Program, too!