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“Antiracism work is all of our work” writes The UW Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMAD)

Posted: 6/2/2020 ()

“George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. Three more Black lives snuffed out and lost to our world either at the hands of police or, in the case of Arbery, white racists being protected by local law enforcement. While we shouldn’t need it, these deaths serve as yet another reminder of the pervasiveness of racism and our failure to adequately address it.” – OMAD Letter on “Antiracism work is all of our work” 

CSDE stands in solidarity with members of the Black community. We acknowledge the pain, anger, and trauma the community is carrying and we are here to stand with you and amplify your voices. We aim to listen, learn, and work with you to provide the evidence that you need to right the wrongs. We will follow your lead and accept your guidance.

We realize there are cumulative effects to these traumas. If you need help here are some resources.

UW Bothell

Counseling Center

Student Diversity Center

Seattle campus

Counseling Center

Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

UW Tacoma

Counseling and Psychological Services

Center for Equity and Inclusion

George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. We say their names to honor their lives and make them matter.

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