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Arar Publishes Article on Refugee Trajectories in the Global South

Posted: 8/17/2023 (CSDE Research)

CSDE Affiliate Rawan Arar recently published an article in the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies entitled “Contrasting Trajectories of Incorporation: Refugee Integration and the Global South” which examines how the challenges of making a home in a foreign country are not unique to refugees in the Global South, their trajectories of integration in Southern host states often diverge from descriptions in the canonical literature on immigrant integration. Arar asks the question: what constitutes integration when newcomers share a language, cultural similarities, religious practices, and family ties with the receiving society? Drawing on ethnographic and interview data with Syrian refugees in Jordan, this article illustrates (a) the complexities that surface when refugees share similarities with members of the receiving community, (b) emerging axes of difference-making, and (c) distinct mechanisms linking humanitarian intervention with the facilitation and impediment of integration. Fantastic work, Rawan!

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