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Asian Cities, Architectural Heritage, Civil Society and Urban Expansion (Denver, 3/19-3/21/2019)

Posted: 11/9/2018 (Conference)

The Association for Asian Studies and the Social Science Research Council, with support from the Henry M. Luce Foundation, are pleased to announce the jointly organized AAS Dissertation Workshop Series. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the AAS annual conference in Denver, CO.

This workshop is intended to bring together doctoral students, regardless of citizenship, in the humanities and social sciences who are (1) developing dissertation proposals or are in the early phases of research or dissertation writing; and who are (2) planning, conducting, or are in the early phases of writing up dissertation research. The workshop will be limited to 12 students, ideally from a broad array of disciplines and working on a wide variety of materials and in various regions of Asia. It also will include a small multidisciplinary and multi-area faculty with similar interests. The workshop is scheduled for the days immediately preceding the 2019 AAS annual conference in Denver, CO. The organizers will be able to provide financial support for participants including three nights accommodation, meals, and travel funds. It is hoped that participants also will attend the AAS annual conference immediately following the workshop. Participants will be invited back for a post-fieldwork workshop in 2020.

Applications must be submitted through the SSRC’s online application system no later than January 5, 2019 and will consist of a narrative description of the dissertation topic (ten double-spaced pages), short application form, and a current Curriculum Vitae.

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Deadline: 01/05/2018

Location: Association for Asian Studies and Social Science Research Council Dissertation Workshop Series