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Azure for Research: Training

Posted: 1/3/2017 (Local Events)

Microsoft is offering a free, hands-on, cloud computing training course in partnership with the eScience Institute at the University of Washington. Whether it’s big data, big compute (HPC), machine learning with GPUs, or analyzing data streaming from devices for an IoT project, you can see how easy it is using Microsoft Azure to help you streamline and accelerate your data-driven science.

This course is for Faculty, researchers, and students using any language, framework, or platform. This includes Linux, Python, R, MATLAB, Java, Hadoop, STORM, SPARK, and Microsoft technologies such as C#, F#, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and various Microsoft Azure services.

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Date: 01/19/2017

Location: University of Washington, WRF Data Science Studio (6th floor of the Physics Astronomy tower)