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Call for Applications: CSDE’s Fall 2020 Lightning Talks and Poster Session

Posted: 10/26/2020 ()

CSDE welcomes and encourages graduate students to submit abstracts for the CSDE Lightning Talks and Poster Session! This is a wonderful, low-stakes opportunity to present your research, receive feedback, and practice your presentation skills. Submit a brief abstract and information about yourself and your collaborators here by October 30th.  The session will take place on Zoom.  Each presenter will have an opportunity present to the entire group and then share their results in breakout rooms to smaller numbers of participants.


What is the purpose of the session?

This session is a great opportunity to make new connections with faculty and students working in your area, and to improve your presentation and poster-making skills in advance of conferences. Many professional organizations and their associated conferences include space on their programs for posters or lightning talks (sometimes known as flash talks). So, this session is a great opportunity to prep for those upcoming events.

For example, the Population Association of America (PAA) includes space for posters and flash talks and this session is ideal for students who are prepping for a PAA Poster or PAA Flash Talk Session.  Or, many courses require a poster presentation for an end of the quarter requirement for a class, like some Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CS&SS) classes. But even if you just want to present a research idea and get feedback, this session can be  valuable!  Faculty attending the poster sessions find it to be one of the most rewarding, because it gives them an opportunity to meet students and talk about research.


What will the session look like?

Obviously, this year will be different (like everything in our lives right now) because everything will take place remotely. As always, the session will be split into two sections: the Lightning Talks and the Poster Session.

Each participant will prepare 3 PowerPoint slides: the first 2 slides will be a high-level summary for the lightning talk portion and the 3rd slide will be the “poster” that you’ll present as people circulate through breakout rooms. The session will take place on Zoom. Each presenter will have  2-3 minutes for their lighting talk presentation before we put presenters in breakout rooms and allow attendees to circulate.


Will there be judges?

Yes, there will be a faculty panel that will give all participants feedback on their slides and results and will determine a winner.

CSDE will recognize the best poster with an award and prize. Posters will be assessed based on the following criteria:

–   Relevance to demographic research or population health

–   Innovative aspects of the research project

–   Quality and appropriateness of research design and methodology

–   Effectiveness in communicating key aspects of the project

–   Overall design and quality of visuals, images and/or tables

How do I apply to participate?

You only need to submit a brief abstract and information about yourself and your collaborators on the project. Submit your application HERE. The deadline to submit an abstract is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th.

We will select up to 7 participants. If your submission is selected, you will be required to email your presentation slides to Maxine Wright no later than FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20TH.

The Lightning Talks and Poster Session will be held FRIDAY DECEMBER 11TH from 12:30-1:30, Zoom link TBA. Please email if you have any questions.