The Graduate Training Program at CSDE is accepting applications from students looking to train in demography and qualify for the Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods. The certificate program is the academic pathway to advanced interdisciplinary training in population science, in addition to discipline-based courses of study.


  1. Submit applications no later than 5pm on February 12, 2018
  2. The application is in the form of an online WebQ survey hosted on and requires a UW NetID.
  3. Register for the next spring CSDE weekly seminar (CSDE 501) and autumn Population Proseminar (CSDE 502), if the required credits have not already been completed.


Recognized by the National Institute of Child Health and Development and the UW Graduate School, the completion of the Certificate Program provides graduate students with credentials as a skilled demographer to position them in academic and applied job markets, and to succeed in research funding competitions. The Program is designed to enhance training beyond the requirements of a graduate degree. It provides a coherent body of study in demography, enhanced mentored research experiences, and the following benefits:

  • Access to CSDE’s significant research support services (computing, research consultations, workshops, a biodemography lab and equipment, and more). Check out the CSDE services and computing webpages for more details
  • Assistance in matching students with CSDE Faculty Affiliate mentors and potential research collaborators. Check out the exciting research conducted at CSDE and the faculty working in those areas on the research webpage.
  • Training, research experience, and curriculum to prepare trainees for meeting the evaluative criteria—including all required courses—of the CSDE Fellowship application
  • Financial support (when available) for travel to present research at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America
  • Graduate certificates are recorded on your official transcript, and acknowledged with a framed certificate awarded at CSDE’s end of year reception.


The program can be completed in 2 years while concurrently pursuing a graduate degree in any department.

The Certificate Program curriculum consists of five elements:

  1. Required core courses on the substance and methods of demography
  2. Three electives chosen from a broad array of courses in multiple disciplines, listed on
  3. Professional development in the field through a Proseminar and mentoring
  4. The CSDE Weekly Seminar Series, which meets on Fridays 12:30-1:30, and features presentations of current research in demography.
    • CSDE 501: 1 credit for 6 quarters, total of 6 credits. Students in terminal master’s programs may complete 3 credits
    • CSDE Seminar Series 2017-2018 schedule is here
  5. Research mentoring

The Graduate School imposes restrictions on how the credits you earn in your coursework are allocated to meet the requirements of your degree program.  However, credits received for all the courses you complete for the CSDE curriculum count as credits toward your degree. Specifically, credits for required courses in your degree program or the Demographic Methods Certificate Program cannot count as required courses or official electives in the other program. Credits of official elective courses in your degree program or the certificate program can count as electives in the other program, but only up to 6 credits. Completing the certificate program may not require extra coursework above your degree program’s required number of credits if you plan accordingly.

Please read the requirements and the policies and procedures webpage, and consult your advisor before submitting the application so that you are confident that the certificate program is consistent with your goals and expectations.

Visit the CSDE Demography Training website at for more details on the Demographic Methods Graduate Certificate Program. If you would like to learn more about the certificate program or CSDE, please consult with the CSDE Training Program Coordinator, the Training Director, or another CSDE Faculty Affiliate.

Questions? Email the Training Program Coordinator, Aimée Dechter (