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Call for Applications: UW Zimbabwe Study Abroad Program

Posted: 1/16/2018 (Conference)

Zimbabwe: Population Health in Action

Program Dates: July 19 – August 17, 2018 (Summer B term)

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe, and surrounding areas; Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and Matabeleland North Province; Chidamoyo Hospital, Karoi, Zimbabwe.

For the second year, the Honors Program in collaboration with Global Health and the School of Nursing is pleased to offier a unique opportunity to view public health in practice. This Zimbabwe immersion experience with the University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences (UZCHS) Zichire Program, will allow evolving learners interested in global health careers to have a first hand experience learning how accruing an evidence-basis in resource-limited settings is crucial for population health.  A core component of this study abroad is learning how public health research is translated to implementation of programs and policies.

Program directors will lead students on a study abroad program to observe work with a Zimbabwe public health research and implementation team (Zichire), health care services and implementation research and evaluation offered by a Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Care provincial medical directorate. The Zuchire program is part of the Department of Community Medicine, College of Health Sciences, University of Zimbabwe.  The Ministry of Health and Child Care Provincial Medical Directorate of the Matabeleland North Province will lead students through observations of research, evaluation, and health services in their province.  Participatory learning in rural and community health will also occur at rural District Hospitals. A core component of this study abroad program is learning how public health research is translated to policies impacting population health in a lower-middle income country. Students will learn about and observe research, evaluation and implementation of public health programs, and clinical care programs all focused on improving population health.

Students will attend a one week seminar, on site at the University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences, in Harare, Zimbabwe.  Lectures will be the basis of observations in the field and clinic settings.  They will cover diverse topics such as:  clinical care training and services of ‘western’ and traditional health care practices, public health field epidemiology, public health research, implementation science, community-based health program implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of community and clinical programs. In addition, policy and health discussions led by Ministry of Health and Child Care colleagues, College of Health Sciences faculty, and UW professors will be conducted.  Lectures will be focused on how one achieves population health via an integrated policy, research, evaluation, and care framework.  Students will then observe this population health approach in action.  Students will observe field activities in Harare and surrounding areas of the Zichire research and implementation team, and in two field settings (Bulawayo and Chidamoyo).  During weeks two and three, students will be divided into two groups, which will be ‘attached’ to observe practitioners in each of two sites in consecutive order: 1) provincial medical services implementation and policy research (Provincial Medical Directorate and the Field Epidemiology Program); and 3) clinical care practice (Chidamoyo Hospital).

Student experiences will be documented in daily reflections, and in blogs or portfolios.  Students will provide a final presentation of their learning and experiences in Zimbabwe.  Honors students will document their experiences in their Honors Learning Portfolios.

Application Process

This study abroad program is designed for Undergraduates in the Honors Program; Undergraduates in the School of Nursing and Global Health; Undergraduates in Public Health; Select graduate students in the School of Nursing and the Department of Global Health; students in other majors with a focus on health, such as health psychology, medical sociology or anthropology, and students across campus, on a space available basis, who are interested in the topic.

Students who have taken other college-level HIV/AIDS courses (syllabus will need to be provided to Drs. Kasprzyk and Montano) are also able to sign up for the study abroad program.

Students should be ready to work with a wide variety of individuals including public health practitioners, researchers, clinicians, in both urban and rural LMICs. Students will be representing the University of Washington, and the University of Zimbabwe to communities and entities they will be working with and should be intellectually open and comfortable working with diverse populations.

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Deadline: Jan 31, 2018

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Deadline: 01/31/2018