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Call for CSDE Proposals: Population Research Planning Grants

Posted: 1/14/2022 (CSDE Research and Funding)

CSDE has funds available to provide a variety of forms of support for affiliates submitting grants from now through this summer. This might include funding for hiring an RA (quarterly or hourly), hosting or hiring consultants from inside or outside UW, hiring CSDE scientific staff, acquiring data sets, organizing a mini-workshop or writing retreat, or many other possibilities!  One key restriction, however, is that funds cannot be used for faculty salary support or course buyout.


  1. Applicants must be planning to submit a grant proposal before October 2022.

  2. Applicants must be a CSDE affiliate at any UW campus (the project may have any number of additional collaborators who are not UW faculty and/or affiliates).

  3. Applicants must spend funds by June 30, 2022.


Preference will go to:

  1. Proposals being submitted to NIH, and especially to NICHD, and especially to the Population Dynamics Branch (PDB).

  2. Proposals that are consistent with PDB priorities being submitted elsewhere at NIH, or to NSF or a foundation


Application process:

1. Applicants should have a preliminary conversation about their idea with one or more of the following people to ensure that the project fits within the scope of the PRPG, and to brainstorm possible forms of support:

2. Following this conversation, applicants should prepare a 1-page letter of intent (LOI) that provides an overview of the project, the funding need, how the funds will enable grant submission, and the entity/mechanism/deadline for submitting for funding

3. Complete the brief form at and upload the LOI.

Applications are rolling, and CSDE administration will review proposals every two weeks until funds are exhausted.  Early submissions are encouraged as we can provide greater feedback along the way. Final decisions will lead to a collaborative process to agree on a budget, timeline, and memorandum of understanding.

All of this information can also be found at

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