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Call for Papers: Conference on “Immigrant and Refugee Rights in Turbulent Times”

Posted: 2/16/2018 (Conference)

We invite faculty, graduate students, and practitioners to submit proposals for a full-day conference on “Immigrant and Refugee Rights in Turbulent Times.”  The conference takes place at Baruch College, CUNY in New York City on Friday, April 20, 2018.

In the United States and elsewhere, the rights of immigrants and refugees have increasingly come under attack.  How are immigrant and refugee communities organizing in response?  What actions have their institutional supporters—both in government and outside—taken, and to what effect?  These are some of the important questions this conference will address.  We welcome contributions focusing on the fight for immigrant and refugee rights in the present or past, in the United States or elsewhere; we welcome contributions from practitioners and scholars in disciplines ranging from political science, public policy/public administration, sociology, history, law, and economics to anthropology.

We welcome submissions that address the following themes; the list is suggestive only:

· The causes of the backlash against immigrants and refugees

· Immigrant and refugee participation in immigrant rights campaigns

· The role of local and state government in supporting immigrant and refugee rights

· The role of nongovernmental organizations—such as nonprofit organizations, labor unions, faith-based institutions, business organizations, student groups, and foundations—in advocating for immigrant and refugee rights

· Coalitions/ collaborations focused on immigrant and refugee rights

· Immigrant and refugee rights and federalism/ multi-level government

· The effects and impacts of immigrant and refugee rights organizing and/ or policies

· Successful and/ or failed immigrant rights campaigns and lessons learned

· Specific immigrant rights campaigns, such as those addressing immigrants’ voting rights, language rights, identification rights, legal rights, labor rights, access to health care, housing rights, education rights, etc.

· Immigrant and refugee rights and (social) media

Faculty, graduate students, and practitioners interested in participating should submit a 300-word proposal (use the form attached; please submit in Word/ .doc or .docx format) to Professor Els de Graauw (  Proposals must be received by March 9th, 2018 in order to be considered.  Decisions will be announced by March 12th, 2018.  We will accept individual proposals, but not panel proposals.  Questions can be directed to Prof. de Graauw.

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Date: 04/20/2018

Deadline: 03/09/2018

Location: Baruch College, CUNY, New York City