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Call for Papers: Rostock Retreat on Uncertainty Visualization

Posted: 3/10/2020 (Conference)

Interested in participating in the Rostock Retreat on uncertainty visualization? Please upload your application via

The application should be a single PDF-file including (1) a paragraph describing a problem you want to advance by participating in the Retreat (related to visualizing uncertainty) and (optionally) (2) a visualization of your own that contains an aspect of uncertainty, with a paragraph describing it (or critiquing it). Applicants should have received a PhD, or should be enrolled in a PhD program. Please get in touch if this does not apply to you but you are interested in participating. Participants will verbally present their research with the aid of a poster.

For students or junior scientists with financial limitations there will be a limited number of travel stipends, covering travel and accommodation. Please state in your application if you also want to apply for a travel stipend.

A course on visualization in R will take place directly before the Retreat at the Max Planck Institute. If you also plan to apply to this course, please mention so in your Retreat application.

Questions or Suggestions? Feel free to contact the organizing committee by – anytime from anywhere.

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Deadline: 04/10/2020