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Call for Proposals: Special Initiative on Integrating Biology and Social Science Knowledge (BioSS)

Posted: 11/21/2016 (Conference)

The Russell Sage Foundation requests Letters of Inquiry for a new initiative that integrates knowledge from the biological and social sciences.  According to the Foundation, the initiative will support innovative social science research on social and economic outcomes that improves our understanding of the interactive mechanisms by which environmental influences affect biological mechanisms, and vice versa. This includes research that: (1) estimates how the structured nature of the social environment and intra- and intergenerational social inequalities affect biological processes, (2) identifies which indicators of biological processes interact with the social environment to affect different life domains and how, and (3) yields new conceptual frameworks that holistically characterize the complex relationships among biological, psychological and environmental factors to predict a range of behavioral and social outcomes. They are primarily interested in research that explores and improves our understanding of social and economic predictors and outcomes. For more information, visit the original posting below.

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Deadline: 01/09/2017