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Collaboration Contracts at Dondena Research Centre – Discontinuities in Household and Family Formation

Posted: 2/27/2017 (Funding)

The Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi” of Milan is launching a competition based on qualifications and tests for the conferral, by means of an appropriate contract, of 4 researchers with the following characteristics:

  • Duration: 36  months
  • Research Centre: DONDENA
  • Financed by: European Commission – H2020-ERC Scientific
  • Coordinator:  Francesco Billari
  • Research Project: DisCont -“Discontinuities in Household and Family Formation” – a project that studies the impact of macro-level discontinuities such as the Great Recession and the Digital Revolution on household and family formation (including fertility) in post-industrial societies.

Admission requirements:

In order to participate in the competition, the candidates must have the following requirements:

  • Qualification: PhD or, alternatively, similar experience in demography, economics, sociology or statistics/data science.
  • Solid quantitative skills and familiarity with statistical packages such as R and/or Stata.

Relatives (up to the forth degree of kinship) of professors in the University Council, the University Rector, or the Director General may not apply.

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Deadline: 03/09/2017