Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Certificate in Demographic Methods Recipients

Posted: 6/9/2020 (CSDE Awards)

The following 6 CSDE students received the CSDE Graduate Certificate in Demographic Methods at last week’s end-of-year celebration:

  • CSDE Predoctoral Fellow Jessica Godwin, who is a PhD student in Statistics.
  • CSDE Predoctoral  Trainee Min Hwangbo, who is a PhD Student in Education with a focus in Learning Science & Human Development and received a grant for Evidence-based Curriculum Training and Evaluation (2015-2020) BMGF. 
  • CSDE Predoctoral Trainee Jessica Lapham, who is a PhD student in Social Welfare and received the CSDE Population Health Applied Research Fellowship. 
  • CSDE Predoctoral Trainee Neal Marquez, who is a PhD student in Sociology. Neal will be an International Max Planck Research School for Population, Health and Data Science Fellow. 
  • CSDE Predoctoral Trainee Veda Patwardhan, who is a PhD student in Public Policy & Management and received the Evans School Diversity Alliance Fellowship. 
  • CSDE Predoctoral Trainee Xiaxia Yang, who is a PhD student in Geography and received the Morrill Doctoral Fellowship from the UW Geography Department