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CSDE Affiliate Leigh Anderson Joins Editorial Board of new Cambridge University Journal

Posted: 11/3/2019 (CSDE in the News)

CSDE Affiliate and Professor of Public Policy Leigh Anderson joined the editorial board of the new open source Cambridge University Press journal Data & Policy. Editors S. Verhulst, Z. Engin and J. Crowcroft describe the goals of the journal in the opening editorial. Here is the excerpt: “Data & Policy is a venue for peer-reviewed research and discussion about the potential for and impact of data science on policy. Our aim is to provide a nuanced and multistranded assessment of the potential and challenges involved in using data for policy and to bridge the “two cultures” of science and humanism—as CP Snow famously described in his lecture on “Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution” (Snow, 1959). By doing so, we also seek to bridge the two other dichotomies that limit an examination of datafication and is interaction with policy from various angles: the divide between practice and scholarship; and between private and public”.  p.3