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CSDE Closing Reception

Posted: 6/1/2021 (CSDE Seminar Series)

As our unusual 2020-21 academic year draws to a close, we will take time to recognize our trainee community of scholars during CSDE’s Friday seminar. CSDE Trainees are vital members contributing to our seminar series, participating in working groups, taking our courses, and contributing their talents and ideas to our entire research endeavor. CSDE Trainees are what it’s all about for all of us! Because… where would we be without the next generation of population scientists?
Please join us in celebrating their accomplishments. We’ll be sharing ‘shout-outs’ for those who have completed CSDE Graduate Certificates in Demographic Methods, those who have completed major milestones and degrees, those with grants and publications, and those who have landed new career positions,  applying their population science training. Faculty advisors and supporters, CSDE Affiliates, Trainees, Staff, and anyone interested in joining the CSDE community are welcome to attend using the link below.
  • CSDE Certificate Recipients: Brenda Gellner (Evans School); Anwesha Pan (Anthropology)
  • CSDE Certificate Recipients and Masters/PhD Graduates: Youngjun Choi (Social Work), Hazal Ercin (Social Work), Breon Haskett (Sociology)
  • PhD Graduates: Mike Babb (Geography), Erin Carll (Sociology), Jessica Godwin (Statistics), Yuan Hsiao (Sociology, Statistics), Charles Lanfear (Sociology), Min Hwangbo (Education), Veda Patwardhan (Evans School), Emily Pollock (Anthropology), Claire Rothschild (Epidemiology), Xiaxia Yang (Geography)
  • Master’s Graduates: Delaney Glass (Anthropology), Elizabeth Pelletier (Evans School)
  • Other accomplishments: Colin Baynes (Global Health), Michele Cadigan (Sociology), Horacio Chacon-Torrico (Global Health), Lee Fiorio (Geography), Matt Fowle (Evans School), Ian Kennedy (Sociology), Jessica Lapham (Social Work), Neal Marquez (Sociology), Aasli Nur (Sociology), Izzy Sederbaum (Evans School), Maria Vignau Loria (Sociology), Will von Geldern (Evans School), Crystal Yu (Sociology)

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Date: 06/04/2021

Time: 12:30 - 1:30PM

Location: Virtual via Zoom