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CSDE Trainee Spotlight: Rothschild’s NIH F31 Research Results Published in Contraception

Posted: 11/23/2020 (CSDE Research)

Claire Rothschild is a CSDE Trainee and doctoral candidate in UW’s Department of Epidemiology, as well as a recipient of an NICHD Population Dynamics Branch predoctoral F31 fellowship. Results from her dissertation research, were recently published in an article in Contraception.  The primary concern of Rothschild’s research study is to better understand the circumstances associated with contraceptive discontinuation, especially among women who do not desire to be pregnant. Analyzing data about women who do not wish to become pregnant from the Mobile Data Collection for Contraceptive Use, Behaviors and Experience (mCUBE) study (CSDE Affiliate Alison Drake is PI of the larger study), Rothschild and co-authors estimate that the contraceptive discontinuation rate was 36.9 per 100 woman-years, and that discontinuation was 3.8-fold higher among high- vs. low-risk women. The study concludes that the high rates of early discontinuation emphasize the necessity of investing in efforts to develop new contraceptive technologies and stronger delivery systems to better align with women’s needs and preferences for voluntary family planning. Prior to starting her doctoral training, Claire worked in global health program implementation and evaluation with the Population Council in Kenya, Partners In Health in Rwanda, Stanford University’s Center for Health Policy and Jacaranda Health, a Kenya-based maternal healthcare organization.