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Dan Goldhaber Comments on Teacher Shortages and Pay for The Associated Press

Posted: 9/4/2019 (CSDE Research)

Across the U.S., teachers and school districts are grappling with the realities of educator pay, emboldened by the national teacher protest movement demanding higher wages and better conditions and a steadily brewing shortage of educators. CSDE Regional Affiliate and UW-Seattle Affiliate Professor Dan Goldhaber, who is also the director of the UW Center for Education Data and Research, spoke to The Associated Press about these challenges.

It’s difficult to compare school pay scales because of the endless variables across classrooms and campuses, said Goldhaber, but merely increasing salaries for all without differentiating for other factors such as student population and regional issues means pay disparities will remain. “If it doesn’t address the relative differentials between school systems, there’s no reason to think it would help with teacher equality,” he added.

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