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Funding Opportunity: UW-UBC Collaborative Research Awards

Posted: 12/14/2019 (Funding)

Are you or a colleague collaborating with faculty at the University of British Columbia, or would you like to? UW-University of British Columbia Collaborative Research Awards program has been established to provide a pilot fund that facilitates research collaborations between the two universities. The objectives of this Inter-institutional Collaborative Research Award are to:

  • initiate new and strengthen existing research collaborations;
  • enable access to unique infrastructure and core facilities; and
  • provide collaborative training opportunities.

CSDE is happy to partner with you on such an initiative, if it makes sense.

This pilot fund will support activities that establish or enrich research partnerships between faculty at the two institutions. Activities might include project coordination and grant writing, joint workshops, student exchanges and research meetings. The expectation is that activities could lead to leveraged funding, joint- scholarly/research outputs and enhanced collaborative training.

The maximum value of each grant will be $20,000 CAD, or $15,000 USD. The total funding available for this competition is $100,000 CAD from UBC and $75,000 USD from UW.

Researchers are invited to submit a proposal up to 3 pages (free-form), plus the Budget/ justification template, and 2-page abbreviated CV from the lead PI at each institution. Proposals must be submitted by 5:00 pm February 10, 2020.  For further details of the program please see:

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Deadline: 02/10/2020