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Glass Examines the Meaning of Health for Arab Emerging Adults in the United States

Posted: 12/14/2023 (CSDE Research)

CSDE Trainee Delaney Glass (Anthropology) published research with co-authors in SSM – Mental Health, titled “Advancing an individual-community health nexus: Survey, visual, and narrative meanings of mental and physical health for Arab emerging adults“. With the Iraqi Arab Health Board of Washington, Glass, al-Tameemi, and Farquhar examined the perspectives of Arab and Arab American emerging adults on self-rated physical and mental health using surveys and PhotoVoice. Self-rated health is known as a strong predictor of well-being and mortality in adolescents. Self-rated health for Arab and Arab American emerging adults may be harmed by racialization and securitization of their identities and physical bodies as well as complex experiences in the diaspora. This study demonstrates that beyond self-rated health, Arab youth face numerous mental and physical challenges and that health is a social-relational process. More social science research prioritizing Arab youth is needed to advance health equity.

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