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Join TADA-BSSR Webinar – Translating Domain Knowledge into Mechanistic Process Models (3/18)

Posted: 3/8/2021 (Local Events)

 Join this upcoming webinar on March 18th, as part of CSDE’s partnership with the Training in Advanced Data Analysis for Behavioral and Social Sciences (TADA-BSSR) at NIH. The webinar will examine how with digital technologies, radically new possibilities have emerged for studying and developing new insights related to advancing both fundamental understanding of social and behavioral processes and, simultaneously, improving behavioral interventions built upon said knowledge. These new possibilities though force us to find more robust ways to translate domain knowledge about processes (e.g., insights from operant and classical learning, cognitive science, and affective learning) into robust process models that rigorously specify temporal understanding of the dynamics and context-dependencies of said processes. The possibilities and challenges are particularly evident when seeking to develop just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAI), which seek to provide support during states when a person would have the opportunity to engage in a positive behavior, be receptive to receiving support, and, engagement would result in positive internalized adaptation towards engaging in the desired behavior, eventually, without the need for the JITAI. In this webinar the team will describe efforts to establish more robust approaches for translating domain knowledge about processes into computational models that account for theorized dynamics and to offer some initial steps to advance the field.  To register, click here.