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Mary Kay Gugerty Co-Authors “The Goldilocks Challenge: Right-Fit Evidence for the Social Sector”

Posted: 5/7/2018 (CSDE Research)

“While doing good is great, doing it well is even better.” This is the guiding principle behind The Goldilocks Challenge: Right-Fit Evidence for the Social Sector, a book co-authored by Affiliate Mary Kay Gugerty, Professor at the Evans School, and Dean Karlan, Professor of Economics and Finance at Northwestern University. The Goldilocks Challenge provides a framework to measure the impact and strategies of the social sector.

Gugerty and Karlan pulled from their collective experience working with the non-profit, government, and for-profit sectors to create a system to measure program effectiveness. The publication offers a step-by-step guide to use data to assess performance, make refinements, improve program implementation.

You can learn more about the Goldilocks Challenge below.


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