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Matt Hall’s Research on Day/Night Neighborhood Segregation Featured in Vox

Posted: 3/4/2019 (CSDE Research)

The explanatory news website Vox created an interactive map of the racial makeup of U.S. neighborhoods during the workday and at night using data from a recent article by Matt Hall, CSDE’s Science Core Director, and co-authors John Iceland and Youngmin Yi. The article titled “Racial Separation at Home and Work: Segregation in Residential and Workplace Settings” was published this January in the Population Research and Policy Review.

Hall found that when white people go to work, they are around only slightly more people of color than when they’re in their home neighborhoods. Yet, for everyone else, going to work means being exposed to more white people and fewer people of their own race. Researchers also found that the more diverse work neighborhoods tend to have the highest amount of occupational inequality. That is, workplaces are more diverse because all managers are white and all janitors are black and brown.


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