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National Science Foundation: SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Posted: 8/15/2017 (Funding)

The National Science Foundation offers Postdoctoral Research Fellowships to provide opportunities for recent doctoral graduates to obtain additional training, to gain research experience under the sponsorship of established scientists, and to broaden their scientific horizons beyond their undergraduate and graduate training. Postdoctoral Fellowships are further designed to assist new scientists to direct their research efforts across traditional disciplinary lines and to avail themselves of unique research resources, sites, and facilities, including at foreign locations. NSF seeks to promote the participation of scientists from all segments of the scientific community, including those from underrepresented groups, in its research programs and activities; the postdoctoral period is considered to be an important level of professional development in attaining this goal.

The goal of the SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (SPRF) program is to promote fundamental research in the SBE sciences; enhance the participation of underrepresented groups in science and engineering; provide an opportunity for independence and advanced training under the direction of a sponsor; and encourage doctoral-level scientists (who are not yet in full-time positions) to take advantage of the two-year Fellowship to prepare for scientific careers in academia, industry or private sector, and government.

Program Description

II.1. Areas of Research: The Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE) supports research in a broad range of disciplines and in interdisciplinary areas through its Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) DivisionSocial and Economic Sciences (SES) Division, and SBE Office of Multidisciplinary Activities (SMA). The prospective Fellowship candidate and sponsoring scientist (Mentor) should visit the web pages hyperlinked in this section to get detailed information of the research fields/themes/topics supported by the SBE Directorate. Any research field within the purview of the SBE sciences, as described in the above websites, would be welcome.

II.2. Tracks: This SPRF program offers two tracks of Fellowships. For both of these tracks, proposals are encouraged from a wide range of doctoral-level investigators including those from groups that continue to be underrepresented in their field. Some proposals may contain elements of both tracks, in such cases it is up to the Fellowship candidate to choose which track to submit his or her proposal.

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Deadline: 11/01/2017