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New Article by Hajat and Colleagues Evaluates Precarious Employment Ramifications for Health and Health Inequity

Posted: 12/7/2023 (CSDE Research)

CSDE Affiliate Dr. Anjum Hajat (Epidemiology) recently released research with co-authors in the Annual Review of Public Health, titled “Ramifications of Precarious Employment for Health and Health Inequity: Emerging Trends from the Americas“. Precarious employment (PE), which encompasses the power relations between workers and employers, is a well-established social determinant of health that has strong ramifications for health and health inequity. In this review, the authors discuss advances in the measurement of this multidimensional construct and provide recommendations for overcoming continued measurement challenges.

They then evaluate recent evidence of the negative health impacts of PE, with a focus on the burgeoning studies from North America and South America. They also establish the role of PE in maintaining and perpetuating health inequities and review potential policy solutions to help alleviate its health burden. Last, they discuss future research directions with a call for a better understanding of the heterogeneity within PE and for research that focuses both on upstream drivers that shape PE and its impacts on health, as well as on the mechanisms by which PE causes poor health.

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