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NIH Interest in Long-term Maintenance of Behavior Change Research

Posted: 12/1/2019 (Funding)

NIH Interest in Long-term Maintenance of Behavior Change Research:  NIH seeks to encourage research into maintenance of health behavior change. Many FOAs state the importance of the maintenance of behavior change, and request research projects that aim to promote long-term behavior change. Nevertheless, much more research is needed on how best to promote the maintenance of behavior change, particularly given mounting evidence that the mechanisms underlying the initiation of behavior change are not synonymous with those underlying the maintenance of behavior change. Testing for behavior change maintenance often requires longer-term follow-up than what is achievable within a single NIH R01 grant timeframe. The NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices (ICOs) listed on this notice are expressly interested in competitive renewal (type 2) applications that propose continued research with participants from a previously-funded behavioral intervention to see if and how behaviors were maintained. Ideas for unique approaches using other types of NIH research mechanisms are welcome. Regardless of NIH funding mechanism, applicants are encouraged to explore, for example: What types of behaviors were maintained; Why the behavior(s) were or were not maintained; and What intermediate behavior-related changes emerged, to name a few ideas.  For more information, read:

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