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NWFSRDC Reopens on UW Campus!

Posted: 8/10/2021 (CSDE Research)

The Northwest Federal Statistics Research Data Center (NWFSRDC) has reopened in a new, centralized location on the UW campus (formerly located in the Russell Building).  The center is open for access by researchers seeking access to restricted-use survey and administrative data from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Internal Revenue Service, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, National Center for Education Statistics, and National Center for Health Statistics.  The facility is open to all users wearing masks, regardless of vaccination status.  A new Census Administrator, Carlos Becerra, was hired in July of 2020 and works 75% time as Administrator of the NWFSRDC, helping researchers develop proposals, gain Special Sworn Status, and in their use of and access to the lab. He and NWFSRDC Executive Director Mark Ellis are happy to help interested CSDE researchers with gaining access to the data and facilities. Please write to them at

The NWFSRDC currently provides or has recently provided access and support to CSDE UW affiliates (Ellis, Walter, Acolin, Colburn, Hill, Tolnay, Takeuchi, Rowhani-Rahbar), CSDE staff (Leibbrand), CSDE trainees (Fiorio). Additionally, the NWFSRDC is also hosting population scientists outside of UW, including Buractaon (Pacific Northwest National Lab), Carlson (University of Utah), Houghton (University of Oregon,) Cowan, Darnell and Hebert (Washington State).