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PAA Submissions Are Due September 29!

Posted: 9/4/2019 (CSDE Research)

The Population Association of American (PAA) is holding its annual conference in Washington, DC, April 22-25 2020.  Submissions are due September 29. PAA is the premier professional organization in demography, and its annual conference has increasingly expanded to capture a range of disciplinary approaches to population processes. Check out PAA 2020 Call for Papers which includes the submission rules and instructions and the list of sessions. (Here is the program from last year.) The quality of the presented work is always very high and the conference is a great opportunity to learn about new and innovative approaches to demography, as well as a chance to connect with some of the best scholars in the field.

To help you prepare and to share some tips on structuring an effective submission, CSDE is hosting a PAA Prep and Review workshop. Here’s how it will work:

  • Join us for discussion on best strategies for PAA submission Monday, September 9 from 12-1:30 pm in Raitt 115. We’ll provide pizza and drinks!
  • RSVP to David Fernandes by Wednesday, September 5 at 5:00 p.m. Please also provide your paper working title, co-authors and their institutions.
  • Prepare for the workshop by reading the PAA 2020 Call for Papers carefully and bringing questions.
  • Submit a draft of your submission by the following Monday, September 16.
  • You’ll receive brief comments on your submissionwithin a few days from a faculty member and a fellow student (which means you’ll be asked to review a colleague’s proposal).

Even if you’re a PAA veteran, I very much hope you can join us to share your perspective and offer some guidance for PAA rookies.