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Postdoctoral Research Scholar on REALM

Posted: 8/4/2018 (Employment)

Under the direction of the Principal Investigator (Prof. Peter Bearman), the successful candidate will play an integral role in a large-scale research project on labor migration to Gulf Coast Countries. The Research and Empirical Analysis of Labor Migration (REALM) research program is designed on a PO1 model: An administrative and data core at Columbia University supports a series of substantively interlinked projects, all of which seek to understand an aspect of low-skilled labor migration, ranging from recruitment processes to impacts on sending communities. The primary task will be analysis of original survey data arising from REALM projects based in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. These surveys include information on socioeconomic and health outcomes of general interest and unique to the migration process, as well as detailed data on social networks, recruitment pathways, migration financing, and risk perception. Candidates should hold a doctoral-level degree in the social sciences or a related field.  Ideal candidates will have a background or interest in migration, the sociology of labor, or social network analysis, and have the capacity to be self-directed. Strong statistical skills, documented experience in analyzing large data sets, and a record of peer-reviewed publications are highly preferred qualifications. Although the candidate will dedicate most of their effort to the project’s research activities, they will be encouraged to pursue independent research interests.

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Location: Columbia University