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Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Interdisciplinary Instructional Institute Workshop

Posted: 1/31/2017 (Local Events)

The QMRA III is designed for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and early-career professionals to assimilate scientific data and implement computer programs towards building a risk assessment for assuring safety and health goals. Participants will gain hands-on experience with risk assessment software and work on real-world case studies.

QMRAIII is a 10 day program during , wherein participants will:

  • Attend lectures from top scientists in the QMRA field
  • Engage in specific hands-on exercises
  • Collaborate within multidisciplinary teams to conduct a QMRA as a research case study under the mentorship of a program faculty member and teaching assistant
  • Use and Contribute to the QMRAwiki ( knowledge repository

In addition to a comprehensive program, QMRA III provides an excellent environment to meet peers across different disciplines and universities, build relationships, exchange lessons learned and foster new collaborations. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to interact with our cohort and with each other.

QMRAIII 2017 will run from August 4 to August 14, 2017 at University of Washington. Application period for the workshop is from January 15 to March 30, 2017. Please visit to apply.

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Date: 08/04/2017

Deadline: 03/30/2017

Location: University of Washington