Provides expertise in support of research projects in social science, behavioral science, or humanities, including psychology, sociology, education, etc. Performs advanced testing procedures, data collection, and analysis. Prepares reports. May work with human subjects and contribute to grant proposal development. Ensures experiments are performed according to specifications. May make recommendations to changes in procedure, processes, or experimental design. May prepare and/or edit research papers, proposals and reports. Possesses, understands, and applies a comprehensive knowledge in area of specialization. Develops understanding and skills to allow for completion of assignments that cross fields of specialization. Develops leadership and management skills.

Duties: Reviews progress and evaluates results of experiments under control or supervisory responsibility. Recommends changes in testing or experimental procedures. May be responsible for a single research project or a segment of a large research project.

Qualifications:┬áMaster’s Degree with 3 years experience.