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Seattle Times Quotes LaShawnDa Pittman on Teaching During Covid-19

Posted: 4/14/2020 (CSDE in the News)

With official social distancing measures implemented, people are witnessing their many implications—from the economy to healthcare. Also implicated is education with students and educators bearing significant burdens. CSDE Affiliate LaShawnDa Pittman was featured in The Seattle Times in a recent article on the challenges of teaching college courses online. Pittman is an assistant professor of American Ethnic Studies, where her classes are smaller and require a sense of community among students. This kind of learning environment faces special challenges in an online venue. For example, her 18-student seminar-style class on health disparities and African American women this quarter is specifically designed for intimate discussion.

The Seattle Times article quotes Pittman when she explains how she plans to build such a community – by asking her students to “come with your coffee, come in your pajamas, come with your pet.” You can read the full article here.

Please note, you can learn more about Dr. Pittman’s research when she will be a speaker during the CSDE Seminar Series on May 1 where she will present “When the Ends Don’t Meet: The Economic Survival Strategies of African American Grandmothers Raising Their Grandchildren

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