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Sloan Postdoctoral Fellowship on Aging and Work

Posted: 9/26/2018 (Employment)

The Sloan Fellowship on Aging and Work is a two-year, interdisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship that addresses the challenges of aging societies and labor force participation in the U.S. The Sloan Fellows and associated Harvard faculty address issues related to work and retirement by identifying:

  1. the current challenges of working longer in the U.S.
  2. potential solutions to the ways in which the United States’ public and private sectors will need to adapt employment policies and practices to optimize both the economic well-being and the health of the population.

Fellows conduct self-directed, interdisciplinary research under the guidance of Harvard faculty mentors. Expectations are that the research derived from the fellowship will be used to support improved workplace policies at various institutions as well as increase the public’s understanding of aging and labor force challenges. In addition to research and writing, fellows participate in weekly work-in-progress sessions, leadership skill building seminars, and communications & media skills training. Fellows also have access to multiple educational opportunities at Harvard.

This program is open to both U.S. and international scholars. Research questions should address issues pertaining to the United States only. Those with degrees equivalent to a PhD such as MDs, JDs, ScDs, etc. are also eligible to apply. One finalist will be selected.

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Deadline: 12/03/2018

Location: Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies