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Sociotechnical Faculty

Posted: 11/28/2017 (Employment)

The University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies (iSchool) invites applications from sociotechnical scholars at all ranks. We seek exceptional candidates with high quality research and publication records in interdisciplinary fields that include or blend social and behavioral sciences, economics, law, and/or human-computer-interaction.

We are growing quickly, and so we seek to hire faculty members conducting a broad range of sociotechnical research. We are especially interested in the following specializations, but strong candidates in any area are encouraged to apply:

  • Privacy and security
  • Community engagement, such as open data, citizen or open science
  • Digital government, information and civic challenges, urban computing

We are also particularly interested in scholars who study phenomenon beyond the individual level (including, but not limited to group, organizational, national, and societal levels), who apply theory to sociotechnical research problems, and who complement and extend existing research being done in the iSchool. We welcome applications from scholars conducting research grounded in theory, rooted in empirical methods, and producing broadly applicable and transferable results that augment policy, knowledge, and practice.

Competitive applicants will possess an outstanding track record of scholarly achievement, a strong potential for developing a thriving collaborative and highly interdisciplinary research program, a firm commitment to graduate and undergraduate education, and a commitment to service in the iSchool.

Our College is committed to increasing the diversity of the campus community. Candidates who can contribute to the climate of inclusivity are encouraged to identify their experience in this area.

Interested applicants should apply at the link below.


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Location: University of Maryland, College Park