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Yuan Hsiao Examines Gender Network Dynamics of Aggressive and Prosocial Behavior in Adolescence

Posted: 2/22/2019 (CSDE Research)

Yuan Hsiao is a CSDE trainee pursuing both a Ph.D. in Sociology and an MS in Statistics. Under the supervision of CSDE Affiliates Steven Pfaff (Ph.D. advisor) and Jon Wakefield (MS advisor), his research is centered at the intersection of demography and many social science fields. Hsiao’s co-authored paper “Gender network dynamics in prosocial and aggressive behavior of early adolescents” was recently published in Social Networks and had previously been presented at a CSDE Lightning Talks and Poster Session. The article draws from the concern that aggressive and prosocial adolescent behavior have longitudinal effects on mental health, and delves into the network dynamics of how these behaviors affect friendship selection and are prone to peer influence for adolescents. Yuan argues that network selection and influence on aggressive and prosocial behavior are contextualized by different types of gender networks.

In his current research, Hsiao uses Twitter data to estimate migration, applies space-time models to estimate under-five mortality rates, and explores how generational differences in social media use affect political behavior. His research has been published and is forthcoming in numerous journals including Social Networks, New Media & Society, Information, Communication & Society, and PLOS ONE .

The next CSDE Lightning Talks and Poster Session is coming up, on 3/15/2019. In fact, Yuan is organizing the session and invites everyone to attend and discuss more high-quality research! CSDE is also pleased that Yuan’s recent paper was published in a journal with free access. Please follow the link below to access the paper for 50 days.

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