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Submissions Open for Special Issue of Social Sciences – Understanding Population, Development, and Environment Linkages in the Context of Global Climate Change

Posted: 4/11/2017 (Conference)

Ever since Ehrlich and Holdren proposed the IPAT model in the early 1970s, social scientists have sought to provide elaborations and evaluate the evidence against their model. However, the onset of global climate change research has overtaken much of the nuanced understandings associated with earlier empirical and theoretical work about population, development, and environment linkages. In this Special Issue, we seek to publish papers that reinvigorate this earlier line of inquiry with data and theories that can do so in the context of also understanding the current and future impact of global climate change. Innovative methodologies and a greater array of data sources at multiple levels of analysis should facilitate the observation and evaluation of linkages across these three domains. This Special Issue–overseen by guest editor and CSDE Director Sara Curran–welcomes research papers at any scale, from global to local, but these should explicitly observe factors in each domain and the mechanisms linking across domains. Papers should conform to basic social science research expectations and include a theoretical framework and systematic evaluation of evidence.

More information about the submission process is available below.

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Deadline: 10/01/2017