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Team Up with Data Visualization Students to Advance Your Research

Posted: 4/9/2018 ()

More than 80 students are currently studying Data Visualization in CSE 512, and will spend the latter half of the quarter developing final projects. Each year, many of the best projects result from partnerships with researchers across campus.

  • Do you have interesting data analysis or communication challenges that you’d like to see visualization students address?
  • Can it be well scoped to a ~5 week project?
  • Are you (or a research assistant) willing to help provide a bit of guidance and feedback?

If so, please complete this form:

The course staff will review the proposals and then work with a selected subset to create a suggested “shortlist”. The goal is to identify promising projects and improve the odds of getting students to work on them. We’d love to receive project descriptions as soon as possible, ideally within the next week or two. Please submit by Friday, April 20!