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UW Interdisciplinary Individual Ph.D. (IPhD) Program

Posted: 2/4/2019 ()

The IPhD program is a small program for exceptionally able graduate students whose objectives for pursuing Ph.D. level graduate study are (1) interdisciplinary and (2) require supervision from faculty in two or more UW programs that offer Ph.D. degrees. Students in this program design an individual course of study with guidance from their interdisciplinary Supervisory Committee.

Good applicants for the IPhD program include students who have or will soon have a master’s degree and are: Passionate about a compelling interdisciplinary research problem that does not fit within the scope of a single campus program that offers a Ph.D. degree; Drawn to working with graduate faculty from multiple departments; Self-starters and highly motivated; Seeking a flexible schedule—either full time or part time.

If you identify possible applicants for this program, please suggest that they read the IPhD program website and contact either the IPhD Program Coordinator (Jean Rogers, or the IPhD Program Director (Mark Zachry, for more information.