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When the Ends Don’t Meet: The Economic Survival Strategies of African American Grandmothers Raising Their Grandchildren

Posted: 4/25/2020 (CSDE Seminar Series)

This Friday, CSDE Affiliate LaShawnDa Pittman from the UW Department of American Ethnic Studies will present research on the economic survival strategies of African American grandmothers who raise their grandchildren in skipped-generation households (SGHs). In her research, Pittman has collected qualitative data from African American grandmothers raising grandchildren to reveal how and why women in non-normative families, lacking legal protections and publicly recognized authority as parents, must negotiate risk in pursuit of resources. Ultimately, through her research, Pittman illustrates how the severe deprivation experienced by these grandmothers is exacerbated by their exclusion from safety net programs that could help them support the children in their care.

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Date: 05/01/2020

Time: 12:30 - 1:30PM

Location: Virtual via Zoom